Auspicious June Open 2018

Auspicious June Open
If jumping into a day long tournament and making big plays is your thing, the Auspicious June Open is definitely the place to do it. Absolutely free of charge and with a livestreamed platform, you can bet there will be an audience watching your every move on the rift. Gather your friends and enter this online single elimination tournament featuring official Riot Prizing! So what’s stopping you from getting in and having a ball? Absolutely nothing!

What can you expect from the Auspicious Gaming Open?

  • Free entry!
  • Livestreamed gameplay of tournament games
  • The opportunity to have your streamed plays be immortalized in our YouTube highlights series!


Date: Saturday, June 30th 2018
Time: 12pm-6pm AEST (end time approx)
Map: 5v5 Summoners Rift

  • First place – 8000 RP + Triumphant Ryze skins*
  • Second place – 6000 RP
  • Third place – 4000 RP
  • Fourth place – 2000 RP

*Triumphant Ryze is only available if there are 8 teams
RP prizes are per team, not per player.

Rules: Standard Rules Apply

Additional Rules

  • Limit max ONE Master/Challenger player per team. We will be checking for smurfs.

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