General Rules

Updated: 27/10/2019

  • Players are expected to show respect.
    Player behavior within Auspicious Gaming tournaments is expected to be respectful. Any use of derogatory language, flaming, disrespect and in-game cheating are subject for penalty.
  • Games are to be played on the defined map, game mode and region as written on the information page regarding the specified tournament.
    Every event will provide which map and region the event is for. Teams creating tournament games on an invalid map, mode or server are subject for penalty.
  • Failure to comply with any rules are subject to be dealt with the event organizers, and may result with a disqualification.
    Event organizers will make a group decision about every conflict, every penalty will be the final say of the organizers.
  • Both teams are entitled to ten minutes of pause time each per game.
    Teams may only use pause time if they are experiencing severe lag, software/hardware or real life delays. Pause time may not be abused for strategy talks or general game grief.


  • Applications must be submitted 24 hours before match day
    Tournament entries will be locked out by this time and any late applications will be ignored. NO last minute roster changes are to be made after this date.
  • Applications must be filled out correctly
    Any invalid applications may be rejected, the captain will be emailed directly about any conflicts.
  • Riot Games prizing events
    Players are required to attend the events via the League of Legends events site after their application has been accepted. Team captains will be emailed with a link, it is their responsibility to send the link to their players, else their prizes may not be handed.

Team and Player Eligibility

  • Multiple teams
    Players may not be a part of multiple teams. Both teams in question will be unable to compete until they resolve the issue.
  • Teams and players must not have names that contain any vulgar language.
    Tournaments are subject for streaming, it is not respectful on the casters to be using foul language for player names.
  • League of Legends accounts players are competing on must be owned by that player.
    Account sharing is not allowed by Riot rules, nor is it here. Teams found account sharing will be disqualified.
  • Players exceeding the specified rank of the event may not compete.
    This is only subject to specific events. For example, if an event displayed “Gold Players and under”, gold ranked players and below may take part, but any rankings above it are not.
  • No last minute subs/roster changes
    All of your substitute players MUST be declared before the end of the tournament registration date. We will not be accepting last minute roster changes as this affects our seeding order and also misleads the other teams. We allow up to 3 subs in order for you to cover all bases incase multiple players cannot make it on the day. Teams who have made roster changes after the tournament registration has ended will be disqualified.
  • Blacklisted players
    Players with a ban from previous events may be added to a blacklist. These players may not compete in any Auspicious Gaming events until their suspension has been lifted.

Match Schedule

  • Tournament brackets
    The bracket will be presented at least 24 hours before match day. Match times will be listed and teams will also be displayed with captains names for contact purposes.
  • Attendance
    Teams must setup their game with all 5 players on their designated side before the match start time. Failure to be ready will result in a loss of a ban in drafting. Failure to have full attendance after ten minutes past the match start time will disqualify the missing team.
  • Determining red and blue side
    The team on the top of the bracket box is on the blue side, and the team on the bottom of the bracket box is on the red side. Failure to arrange your team on the correct side will be subject to penalty.

Match Format

  • Match format will be determined via the event information.
    Generally, the tournaments hosted by Auspicious Gaming are best of ones, with the exception of the finals being best of three. To find this information about the specified tournament, check the events information page.

Game ending

  • Games are expected to be screenshotted and sent to an organizer.
    Not all games will be spectated by an organizer, teams must report to organizers about the outcome of their match with a screenshot of proof.


  • Riot Games prized events.
    If the event is Riot approved, their prizes will be distributed by Riot Games. If their prize has not been received in two weeks, they must send an email to either Riot Games or to
  • Money prizes
    If the event has a monetary prizing, the captain will be given the full amount via Paypal. It is their responsibility to share out the prizing. Any misconduct by team captains involving the prizing is not Auspicious Gaming’s responsibility but the suspect will be suspended from future events.

League of Legends Summoners code can be viewed here.

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