Auspicious Gaming January Open 2020

Greetings Summoners!

Auspicious Gaming is BACK!!! After a long hiatus we’re finally returning to bring more monthly League of Legends tournaments. We plan to be bigger and better than ever so we hope you’re ready to come along for the ride! AG is kicking things off in January 2020 with our Auspicious January Open. Players from all ranks are welcome to join and compete in this single elimination tournament featuring Riot prizing and a fully casted live stream!

The January Open will not feature a casting cam couch like previous tournaments since we are still working on getting a venue. For now the games will be streamed like normal with voiceovers from a few different casters that we will announce further down the track (P.S. if you’re an aspiring caster and want to cast our tournament games, apply HERE).

Check out all the details for the January Open below, and please be aware that registrations close on the 3rd of January. We will not be accepting late submissions or last minute roster changes!

As you may have already seen on the sidebar, our next event is open for registrations. Sign up now and lock your teams in place to win some RP and XP boosts, plus a chance at the prestigious Triumphant Ryze skin that can only be won if you land first place!
Event Date: Saturday 4th January 2020, 12pm AEST
Tournament Rules: Click here
Event Sign-Up: Click here

This event will be livestreamed on our Twitch channel @auspiciousgamingTV. We look forward to your applications and we will process them ASAP. We’re always looking to improve the quality of our services so when your application has been seen, you should receive a confirmation email. If not, you’re welcome to message @EmuUnit or @Joanne on our Discord Server. Good luck!

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Auspicious January Open 2020

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