Regarding May Open

As most of you are aware, there were quite a few issues that unfolded during the May Open this weekend. Firstly on behalf of Auspicious Gaming we’d like to apologise to those that we left in the dark and did not properly communicate times or problems. The miscommunication between staff members as well as a lack of admins was definitely unprofessional. For a good chunk of time we only had one admin trying to manage the entire event which was not fair on them.

First matter which has always been a concern of ours is making last minute substitute changes and being lenient with game start times. We’ve been bending over backwards to help teams get into our events with no issue but it’s gradually become more of a problem, especially when people start asking for breaks or large gaps between start times. This was incorrect of us to agree to and it was morally unjust to give teams the boot after making a promise.

On the other hand, the teams that were held up were also treated unfairly and became very vocal about this. We understand that making apologies isn’t always enough, so we’ve decided to make changes to our rules to better suit teams that were ready from the beginning.From now on, we will no longer be assisting teams in making last minute changes or stalling games. Teams must be ready for the times with their REGISTERED roster or face disqualification. There is no middle ground anymore. Teams are waiting too long for games to start when they are clearly scheduled at a specific time.

Also, with the addition of Riot’s Clash and other communities hosting their events, we will be scheduling tournament days on the off weeks. This way we don’t overlap our tournament with Clash and further improve team participation.

From now on, the admins of the event will be allocated specific teams to work with in order to avoid any mixed statements. It didn’t help that we had a significant number of players complaining (with right reason to do so), but what didn’t help was the pressure for a decision to be made then and there. This caused inaccurate statements that contradicted statements we made earlier. We’ll be developing protocols to prevent this in future events.

We’ve explained this in our Discord, but due to an issue with the venue we were not able to have a stream running this time around. We will be looking to get this fixed by next tournament and won’t be creating another event until the new venue is solidified.

Obviously we have a lot to work on and this site is still in its infancy. We’re always looking to improve and the event has managed to continue successfully. It was definitely an eye opener from my point of view to see this unfold and obviously we managed this for the most part terribly. We’re sorry for the inconveniences that we caused and we will prevent this from happening in the future.

Finally, congratulations to xd on their win, taking out Fijian Fist in the Bo3 final series. We’d like to thank all the teams that participated and we hope to see you in another one of our events soon! We will be hosting events again as soon as we get a new venue sorted. Thank you to everyone that has continued to support AG these past few months. More updates will be coming soon!


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