Introducing the Auspicious Gaming May Open

Greetings Summoners,
This post is a little late but we have been pretty busy around the site, so without further stalling let’s all rise and take a moment to congratulate the winners of the Auspicious Gaming April Open 2018, Truth Genesis. We saw many new teams in this event alongside some teams from our previous event with the first round showing a grudge match between March’s 3rd and 4th place in the first round between Ban AN and Wash w/ Cold Water. There were a few stream hiccups on the side of our internet provider but we managed to fix those issues to bring quality stream content with absolutely no product placement. *cough*

Without pushing the details too far, the event as a whole was very smooth with more people working with us on the stream (shoutout to Sora Apparel. Without this help our stream could have crashed and burned! There were a few issues with last minute roster changes which we will not be accepting this time around. All of your subs must now be declared before the registration end date. The reason we do this is because we set up seeding ahead of time to create a level playing field for all teams. Changing your roster at the last minute interrupts this seeding order. To compensate for this, we are now allowing THREE subs instead of the usual two. Please be aware that only the individuals who played will receive Riot prizing.


As you may have already seen on the sidebar, our next event is open for registrations. Sign up now and lock your teams place in for the chance to win some RP, XP boosts and possibly the prestigious Triumphant Ryze skin that can only be won if you land first place!

Event Date: 26 May 2018, 12pm AEST
Rules: Click Here
Event page: Click here

This event will be livestreamed as per usual, with the possibility of a new location with some very high end toys for the stream crew to use including faster internet, higher quality cameras for our beautiful faces and a crispier audio setup.
Our rules have been updated in regards to the use of substitute players in order to combat any confusions based on our rules. Though we are laid back on the couch, we do take our events seriously.

We look forward to your applications and we will process them ASAP. We’re always looking to improve the quality of our services so when your application has been seen, you should receive a confirmation email. If not, you’re welcome to message @EmuUnit or @Candyblock on our Discord Server.

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