Auspicious April Open Registrations Now Open!

Greetings everyone! Registrations for the Auspicious Gaming April Open are now available (click here to register). A few changes have been made in order to create a much more enjoyable experience for everyone participating.

Firstly, we have listened to your opinions (which we stated in the previous news post), and our organization of the event will be clearer.

  • More notifications to team captains. We’ll be setting up a timetable for our stream schedule for game day.
  • We will be requesting that everyone participating joins our Discord server for this information to be relayed. Teams will have their own voice and text channels and we encourage you to use them.
  • We have decided to restrict the number of players in Master and Challenger rankings to only one per team. We don’t want to have too many high elo players in one team since it ruins the experience for lower players. This way we will have a more level playing field. Be aware though, we will be looking out for smurfs.
  • Our stream will now have dedicated stream controllers as well as casting being limited to at most three people, which we will sub out between games in order to help out with any issues players may have between games. This will help get our event flowing smoothly.
  • Seeding will be publicly displayed with our reasoning behind the seeding ranks.

We look forward to seeing all the teams competing and hopefully a super fun event overall, and we hope you enjoy your time! This event is just over one month away as of posting this so you definitely have time to setup your teams before then. The cutoff date will be 24 hours before the tournament starts.

Any updates to this will be posted on our Discord server.


– The Auspicious Gaming Staff

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