Open March 2018 Results and Review

I think if the word ‘Chaos’ were to be looked up in a dictionary, it would definitely have ‘Auspicious Gaming Livestream’ under one of the definitions. It was absolute madness and without a doubt one of the most fun experiences that I’ve had in years. Needless to say, we were overworked in the buildup to the tournament and on game day it was an absolute struggle to get everything operating within the set time due to a few issues around the date. Regardless, the event went smoothly when everything was sorted and a huge congratulations to ARK for their win in the first ever Auspicious Gaming tournament, which we look to continue hosting in the future.

We’d like to thank everyone that took part in our event, and it’s obvious that without any participants we wouldn’t have had an event. We came into Auspicious Gaming knowing full well what we wanted to do and we reached most of our expectations. The idea was to simply run a tournament platform, then the idea evolved further to having a couch cast, taking inspiration from cs_summit to break the expected casting style that you may see in the LCS or basically any other Esport. We explained this change to a possible caster and basically got told “That isn’t eSports”, we’d like to think we can exceed in eSports without having to stick to your cookie cutter casting. We dabbled with a little chaotic elements and banter which resulted in our show.

Issues we experienced

No doubt there were going to be issues in the wake of the tournament, I didn’t honestly think there would be this many. Regardless we powered through them and definitely made the most out of our issues, I’d like to be open about what we do behind the scenes just for the sake of transparency. I owe a LOT of credit for the weight being shifted away from us on the caster couch to Candyblock, without her we probably would have dug a much deeper hole than what we were expecting.

  • Lack of communication with teams on game day
    We kind of hit a wall with team communication where we wanted to give freedom for teams to use their own communication methods, but as a result we completely missed the point of a lot of this. Basically our only tool to communicate with team captains is our discord server.
  • The stream setup
    This is both a tools problem and a staff problem, on game day we were expecting to have people controlling the stream from the room we were given but at last minute the stream controlling staff couldn’t make it, so we had to wing it from the couch which gives off a very non professional stance, despite how casual we already were.
  • South Australian Politics
    It was voting day. I personally had to get up extra early to vote then arrive at the site where the stream was hosted. I may or may not have also taken the wrong road to get to the polls. This just ruined the setup time which would explain why the early portion of the stream had no title, and why we lacked more communication with teams
  • Lag
    Around the end of one of the semi finals brackets, we hit a massive lag spike. This is speculated to be because two people came over and put their computers onto the network which made the router break for a moment, or it was NBN related. We don’t know for sure.

What we’ve learned from this experience and your feedback

Well, this would be be a chunky paragraph if I had to write every detail but I’ll try to make this as swift to read as I possibly can. The main thing we learned is that we need to communicate with teams involved with us much more and much sooner to make sure everything is okay. To combat this much more effectively we’re going to be having team members on our discord with a support chat to assist teams get to where they need to be on time without any hesitation. We tried giving team details out but it’s still confusing without any leadership from our staff which was a big misplay on our behalf and we’re sorry if we caused any stress for people involved.
Because of this, we’re going to try to push our Discord server much more in the signup process for the next event, that way we know for sure that if you’re signed up for our event, you will be on the radar and you’ll be blasted with any updates immediately on the server.

In terms of stream production, we will be having a stream control team at the ready. The production quality was very lacking and we look to improve our sound quality. The setup was incredibly janky and I didn’t realize how bad it sounded until looking over the recording of it.
Along with the stream quality, we asked you how you felt about the number of casters and we’re very split with the results. There are huge votes for having only two casters at once, as well as having “as many as the couch can handle”, which could mean anywhere from 4 and above casters at once. For now we might jump between two and three and see where this goes. We have intentions to bring in new casters and not have filler space from Adam’s Family showing up.

Team stacking was an issue raised by a number of players involved in the tournament from different teams. Obviously ARK having 3 challenger players was absolutely stacked into their favor. Because of this, we are looking to cap the number of players in master and challenger to one per team. The only drawback from this is having to investigate teams that are potentially using smurf accounts to gain RP. We will look to combat this, but this rule will be applied into our next event.

The next event

In our post-event survey at the end we asked you if you’d ever enter or view the stream again. Out of every result we were heavily surprised that it was a 100% positive feedback situation and we’ve already written up guidelines based on your feedback. We’re very committed to improving our stream, our platform and our interaction with the community. Auspicious Gaming is an absolute blast to work on and we have no intent on stopping what we do because we absolutely love what it has become from just one event alone.

Our next event isn’t fully confirmed but we are looking at the end of April.

Again, thank you for your time if you did compete, and thank you for reading if you got this far.


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